MyBKExperience – Burger King Survey & FeedBack

MyBKExperience: Burger King is a globally renowned brand, and they are always eager to listen to their customers and their requirements. So, they have developed a survey portal called, where customers can provide their feedback and take a survey that helps Burger King enhance their service quality and customer experience.

Customers are allowed to take the survey 24/7, and it only takes 3-4 minutes to complete the survey. Based on the surveys and customer’s feedback, Burger King improvises their product line-up, services, performance, and staff training. It is a satisfaction survey that allows the customers to express their opinions and help companies improvise their service quality. Customers only need to have the recent Burger King receipt to participate in the survey. Upon completing the survey, they get a coupon code redeemed on their next visit to Burger King Outlet. 

MyBKExperience – Burger King Survey at


Participating in Burger King Survey via

Burger King is the fast-food chain that is globally acclaimed for its yummy and delicious burgers. The Burger King menu includes hamburgers, soda, French fries and more. You can enjoy a free sandwich or a burger at Burger King by participating in the online survey and completing it successfully.

With the online Burger King survey, you can win a free Whopper Sandwich or the popular Chicken Sandwich. Below are some of the survey requirements that you have to fulfil to successfully take the online survey.

  • The recent receipt with survey code of Burger King
  • Access to high-speed internet and PC
  • 5-7 minutes to complete the online survey
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish or English
  • A valid email ID 

The Terms & Conditions of Participating in the Survey 

In order to participate in the simple online survey of Burger King, participants are required to learn about the basic terms & conditions of the survey.

  • Participants are required to be the resident of the USA
  • He/she must be above the age of 18 years
  • Only one entry for a survey per receipt
  • Buying at Burger King is not necessary
  • Transfer of prize is prohibited 
  • You must not be the employee at any chain of Burger King

How to Enter in the Burger King Survey at

  • Visit the Portal – Participants are required to visit the official survey website of Burger King at, where they can take part in the online survey. Open the website on your respective device and choose the default language, either English or Spanish. 
  • Enter the Survey Code on the Receipt – To take part in the survey, you have to enter the survey code available on the restaurant receipt. Enter the survey code and tap on the “Next” button
  • Start the Survey – Start your survey by offering genuine feedback regarding your last visit to any restaurant of Burger King. Depending upon the survey and feedback offered by the customers, they will be eligible for a free voucher coupon or free Whopper Sandwich. 

Upon completing the online Burger King survey, you will be provided with a unique voucher code and have to redeem it when you next visit the Burger King restaurant. But, you need to know that the voucher code comes with expiration, and you need to redeem them before it is expired. The survey is an effective way to get genuine feedback and reviews of the restaurant’s customers and their experience. Customers, in return, get free codes or Whopper Sandwich for their genuine feedback.   

What Questions are Asked in the Burger King Survey?

The survey takes only 5-7 minutes to get completed, and a variety of questions are asked to the customer. It is suggested that customers must provide their genuine review and feedback regarding the service quality. Some of the popular questions you will come across in the Burger King survey are:

  • The overall satisfaction of customers
  • Taste of food
  • Cleanliness at the store
  • How frequently you visit the Burger King restaurant
  • The time is taken for delivery of your order
  • Overall experience and satisfaction at the restaurant 
  • Behaviour and how friendly the working staffs are at the restaurant 
  • Your feedback about the pricing policy      

These are the questions that are asked in the survey, and you have to rate them from zero to ten based on your experience.

How to Approach Customer Support?

The online Burger King survey is about knowing the feedbacks and reviews of the customers who have visited the Burger King restaurants. But, your feedbacks are also entertained by the customer service team. 

You may call at their toll-free number 1866-394-2493 or drop a mail at their correspondence address – Burger King, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108 USA.   

Final Thought: is the survey portal of Burger King, where you can share your experience and provide an opinion about the service quality of Burger King and, in return, get free coupon codes and Whopper Sandwich for free on your next visit.