Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards

Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards

Do you want to get information about Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards?

One thing I’ve witnessed happening a lot in recent times is a debate regarding the possibility of Golden Pokemon cards being real.

Two gold official Pokemon cards were released throughout the history of Pokemon. If you spot an actual gold Pokemon card other than the two cards and think it’s an unauthentic card. The rarity of authentic gold Pokemon cards is a sign you’d know you owned one.

Let’s discuss this in greater detail. This will motivate you to avoid buying Pokemon gold cards whenever possible.

Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards

Burger King And Pokemon’s Gold Cards

Burger King, the Miami-founded company, founded in 1953, has established a relationship with the Pokemon franchise.

The most well-known toys (thanks to their partnership) were Burger King’s Gold Cards which were released in 1993 when Pokemon had its early (and reached its high) times.

Also, the toy collection by Burger King has featured 23-karat gold-plated Pokemon cards placed inside a plastic case of the large Poke-Ball replica toy.

It was a way of advertising for “Pokemon: The First Movie,” the first media franchise’s full-length animated feature to release in the same time frame, according to Gamerant.

The initial Burger King and Pokemon collaboration was well-received by the majority of the people who are fans.

The product could purchase directly from the chain’s restaurants and not as a component of the food menus offered.

With all of them being thrown around, it isn’t easy to think that The Burger King Pokemon gold Cards Complete Set could considered among the best toy collections of the 25-year-old franchise (Games Radar).

Are the Burger King Pokemon cards real gold?

The gold cards were packages in either a red or blue box, with pictures of Pokemon and the card and complete collection of trading cards. Its a large piece of gold plated metal with an outer plastic cover.

It has an image on both sides and Pokedex information on the reverse. The card also included an authenticated certificate signed by the chairman of NoA at the time.

So, the card and the certificate are house inside a wooden poke Ball with a glossy red top and the option of opening and closing.

Burger King Pokemon gold Cards Charizard

Burger King recently released a new promotion where customers can get a pack of Pokemon cards with their purchases.

You may order your favourite Burger King goods and have them delivered right to your door with a few simple phone clicks.

Burger King is the only place to get this rare card, which is sought after by both gaming enthusiasts and collectors.

Thus, visit your neighborhood Burger King and try your luck with the Pokemon card promotion if you want to capture them all.

Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards MEWTWO

Burger King is currently running a promotion where customers can get a pack of Pokemon cards with their purchase.

Among the cards in the set is the highly sought after Mewtwo card, which is a gold foil edition.

Both game enthusiasts and card collectors are eager to add this unique card to their collections.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, head to your nearest Burger King and grab a meal to score one of these limited edition Mewtwo cards.

What Are Gold Pokemon Cards Made Of?

I need to find out what Pokemon cards came with the Burger King food items were constructs from. It’s just a basic item of iron. I can guarantee that these cards are not gold in any way.

The Pokemon cards in the box that celebrate the occasion These cards are constructs using the same card your typical Pokemon card is constructed from.

It could be more substantial. They get coated with some gold. Not too much just enough for them to have a hint of shine.

When you purchase Pokemon cards sold by sellers who are not legitimate, it’s almost impossible to know the materials they are made of it.

It’s likely to differ from one supplier to the next, So your best option is to look for a legitimate supplier and check out what their products are made of.

If you come across fake gold holo cards, It is likely to have made of standard card (but not identical to the standard Pokemon Trading Card Game card).

Then there will be some gold foil, similar to regular Holo cards. However, as I mention, the cards need to be more authentic. There are usually indicators that the cards could be more genuine.I’ll skip the details of that here.

Where to Buy Golden Pokemon Cards?

If you want to purchase gold Pokemon cards, visit a shop card near your home. While many of those 25th Anniversary sets have sold out, there’s some inventory available

Examine the box to be sure it has Golden cards. The majority of them do. In addition, you can always go to eBay. You’ll only find these Burger King Pokemon cards on eBay because they need to be genuine.

For the gold Charizard and Pikachu cards issued in the Anniversary set, you can browse trade shops for cards on the internet or Amazon.

But ensure that you purchase from a reputable seller. If you can, buy a card that has been certified. So, you will be certain that you’re purchasing a genuine gold Pokemon card. You can also check Burger King Pokemon gold card’s value.

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Final Words

Golden Pokemon cards are real. However, there aren’t as enough of them as you might think. Pokemon has created a total of 2 gold Pokemon cards. You can also find information on burger king official website.

They’re also inside the same package (golden Pikachu and golden Charizard). Burger King produced some golden cards under the license of Pokemon.

However, they are not actual Pokemon cards. They’re just pieces of metal that have the word Pokemon image printed on them. And when you want more information you can see burger king surveys.

FAQs: Golden Pokemon Cards

Q. How much are the Burger King Pokemon gold cards worth?

Burger King’s gold-plated cards from the 90s are a common collector’s item.

Q. Are the gold Pokemon cards worth anything?

Quick Overview The different gold Pokemon cards could have various values. Some of the most affordable cards can be bought for two cents. Burger King meal Pokemon cards can be purchased for between twenty and fifty dollars. A rare gold card may be worth more.

Q. What year did Burger King have Pokemon gold cards?

This week, we’re generating excitement for our upcoming Pokemon collection by looking back on one of the oddest fast food prices ever created. Yes, this week we’re discussing The Golden Pokemon Cards offered by Burger King in 1999.

Q. How many burger king pokemon gold cards are there?

There are no Burger King Pokémon Gold cards. The Burger King Pokémon cards that were part of the promotion in 1999 and 2000 were made of paper and did not contain any actual gold.

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